Calling all hunters! This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for… The Buck Finder is now in Public Beta!

That’s right. You can now take advantage of Machine Learning to sort through and automatically categorize your trail cam footage. With Buck Finder, it’s easier than ever before to identify bucks, boars, and even poachers on your property!

And the best part – new users are locked in at $9.99/mo with 64gigs of storage for the lifetime of the membership!  

It’s easy to register with Buck Finder! Simply create a folder and upload the photos from your trail camera. Once the photos have been loaded to Buck Finder, they are automatically compressed, making long term storage effortless.

Stop losing time looking through a bunch of empty photographs. Instead, have your computer do the work for you. Buck Finder’s system is powered by Google and features Advanced Machine Learning Technology. Meaning, over time, the algorithm becomes smarter and it becomes even easier to identify the animals in your photos.     

So get started today and easily organize your trial cam footage with Buck Finder. It’s the smartest way to sort your game camera footage!