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Our Buck Finder affiliates will benefit monthly! Buck Finder subscriptions are $9.99 a month or $89.99 for the entire year! 

Upon becoming an affiliate with Buck Finder, you will receive a  promo code for customers to use, along with an easy sign up link. Once a customer completes the sign up using the affiliates promo code, the affiliate will begin receiving 20% of the customer’s monthly subscription. It’s that simple!

Affiliates can choose to participate by selling promo codes at the point of sale, by mailing out sign up links in their newsletter or simply adding a link on their website. Referrals are paid monthly!

So sign up as an affiliate today and enjoy unlimited benefits with the Buck Finder family!

TROPHY hunter

Buck hunters will love you for introducing our photo recognition system.  Their photos are automatically recognized for bucks from their game camera uploads.

With every successful subscription to Buck Finder using your promo code, you will receive a percentage of that sale directly deposited back to your account. Not only do you receive an extra percentage of the sale, but the user’s subscription to Buck Finder as well!


Help Hunters Easily find Bucks in their photos

Impulse buys at the register are a great one-time sale for any retailer. The only problem is they are usually a one time purchase and can leave a bad impression on a customer’s otherwise good visit. Instead of pushing one-time sales, Brick and Mortar stores can now join the e-commerce bandwagon and start earning monthly residuals, that continually pay out for months or even years to come. Each business can apply for a promo code. Customers can then use that promo code to sign up. If the customer uses the code, the business gets a percentage of the monthly sales!


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Simply fill out the form below. If your business qualifies we will send you a confirmation email, then you can set up your administration area!

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